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2012 Tradition

2012 Tradition

By: KEW Vineyards


Product Description

With its light copper colour and evident elegance, our winemaker describes the 2012 Tradition Sparkling as “a pretty wine.” While the wine is Pinot Noir driven, the Pinot Meunier provides a hint of sweetness. The wine’s more acidic Chardonnay component rounds out that touch of sweetness beautifully and maintains the wine’s superb structure.

The elegance of this wine is demonstrated with a soft and refined mousse, accompanied by a fine, but strong effervescence. On the nose, Pinot Noir is evident with its hints of cherry. On the palate, melon and honeydew characteristics dominate, while subtle touches of pear intermingle with notes of biscuit. The finish remains long and structured with hints of delicate lemon and sweetness.

4 Years on Lees