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2013 Tradition

2013 Tradition

By: KEW Vineyards


Product Description

Crafting blended wines is a true balancing act. Winemakers must not only incorporate all of the positive traits of each varietal, but also minimize the impact of their negative characteristics vintage to vintage. Champagne producers have been balancing the role of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, & Pinot Meunier for centuries.

This vintage of Tradition is Chardonnay driven, which provides a bright fruit forwardness, as well as the capacity for the wine to age for many years to come. The smaller proportions of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in this blend are incredibly important as they provide not only a gorgeous structure and depth to the wine, but an elegance and complexity that is unparalleled to any single varietal sparkling wine.

The resulting wine has abundant fruit character on the nose with ripe apple and pear, complemented by notes of buttery baked bread and fresh piecrust. On the palate, flavors of fresh squeezed lemon and buttered toast compete to dominate before combining into a lemon custard finish.

This 2013 Tradition’s effervescence makes it excellent to pair with fried foods such as fried foie gras, fried chicken and popcorn. It would also provide a beautiful contrast to dishes like blackened cajun catfish or pad thai. Avoid foods that are overly bitter, as the wine’s acidity will draw them out. Cheeses that would pair nicely include those richer creamier cheeses like Brie. But, for a truly outstanding pairing consider a French or Swiss mountain aged cheese, like Comte or Gruyere.