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2015 Gamay Noir

2015 Gamay Noir

By: KEW Vineyards


Product Description

Historically one of the oldest varietals, Gamay Noir is most popularly grown in the Beaujolais and Loire Valley regions of France. Much like those two regions, the rich soil composition and cooler climate of the Beamsville Bench create an ideal growing environment for the varietal to thrive.

Our 2015 vintage was fermented in stainless steel to preserve its natural fruit character and great acidity. Light ruby in color, this wine demonstrates soft tannin, making it an incredibly approachable red wine for all palates.

On the nose, obvious notes of cherry and cranberry are complemented by undertones of rhubarb, pepper and under-ripe raspberry. On the palate, beneath the fruit flavor, this wine displays a mineral complexity combines beautifully with an herbal character. The fruit character on the nose will develop to become riper and richer with time.

The acidity of this wine makes it an excellent “food wine.” Fatty fishes, such as salmon or sardines pair perfectly with this wine because the tannin will bond to the oil. For more traditional meats pairings, chicken, turkey and other lighter meats are excellent matches for this wine. Preserved meats such as prosciutto or coppa will bring out the spicy notes in this Gamay Noir. When it comes to cheese it could pair quite nicely with Brie or other heavy cream cheese. For those open to experimenting, herb covered goat cheeses or smoked cheddars will bring out different fruit characteristics in this wine.